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Queer Money Gang is different because we don't just tolerate your queerness or your desire to be in business...WE CELEBRATE YOU!
Amazing praise from a few initiates...
Queer Money Gang has helped me to streamline and focus my business. Sensei, I mean Asa, has shown me how to put my words into action and to stop bullshittin'!
Taryn Wharwood 
Queer Money Gang makes me feel likes there's a place for me in the entrepreneur world. Being part of a group of like minded people all working toward our respective business goals keeps me accountable for the progress and actions I take.
Audrey Hutchins 
I love it because it gives me access to Asa Leveaux and what he teaches that I may not otherwise have.
Angel Davis 
Queer Money Gang has not only provided a queer community of like minded individuals, but it has also provided a level of accountability- and I’ve just scratched the surface.
Norman J. Liverpool 
 I was lost track for a little bit because my side job is a business consultant, building wireframes and writing out programs for a software program my business partner and I are working on. HOWEVER, because I have glimpsed the value of this program, I’ve organized the Gang into my life as I should and will always follow up with the progress I’ve made and what I’ve applied.
Antonio Quinones 
Love the energy in this group so much!!
Andrew O'Malley 
Queer Money Gang has proven to me that I’m not alone. Quite simply that’s the greatest joy I can ask for.
Cal Solomon
Opened my eyes to I'm not the only one trying to balance life & my own businesses. I love the info & testimonies ❤
Smitty Rae
Here's what you get for no-cost!
Easy to Find
Easy to find!
We make it super simple for you to find the community. We purposefully put the Queer Money Gang on a social media platform so you don't have to download something else to your phone...we get it!
Ready to say yes?
Everyone doesn't have to know
One thing with being an "EntreQueerNeur" is that QUEER is right in the middle. We never desire anyone to share their truth before they are ready.
Still deciding?
No Fees
Yep! You read right
Queer Money Gang is designed to out-give you in every way possible which is why there is no requirement for you to pay anything to be initiated and remain in the community for queer entrepreneurs
What are you waiting for?
Celebration...Not Toleration
We have built a safe space where you not only don't have to pay for anything, but you also are supported in your queer business journey regardless of where you are.
Still need more info?
Weekly Support
You deserve content
The feeling of a community is great, but when you desire to build a better business you need action steps. We ensure you get these during our weekly support call.
You know you want this!
Business Tools
Know what to do
One benefit of being initiated into the Queer Money Gang (and at no-cost) is the ability to learn what business tools you can use to make your business life easier...just ask!
We are ready for you!
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I am beyond excited to initiate you into the Queer Money Gang in order to create your first $10,000 in business!

-Asa Leveaux, Founder

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What makes Queer Money Gang different for the rest?
You may be apart of a group right now that talks about ways to grow your business but you don't feel comfortable talking about your partner or the sexy human that you just matched with last week. It's also possible that you are apart of a group of folx that feeds your queer identity but offers no context in regards to pursuing your dreams.
If you want to discuss where to go during the next Pride celebration...WE GOT YOU!
If you want to find out which business entity might work best for you...WE GOT YOU!
If you want to talk about what's the best lube...WE GOT YOU!
If you want to have supportive people give you feedback on your website...WE GOT YOU!
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